Does your pet need a caring vet? Is it a struggle to get there?
There’s an established veterinary house call service in Brisbane’s northern suburbs:

Healthy Pet Mobile Vet

Bringing quality vet care to your four paws!

 Offering veterinary house calls to well-loved dogs, cats, exotic pets and birds on Brisbane’s Northside.

We have a special interest in helping pets that are nervous or scared and assisting owners with behaviour concerns.

Get in touch, we will be happy to help!

What does this mean?

  • A full veterinary house call consultation service at your home
  • And we are FEAR FREE Certified Professionals, LOW STRESS Certified Veterinarian with a MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATION in VETERINARY BEHAVIOUR – ensuring you and your pet have as pleasant and relaxed a vet visit as possible
  • Convenient home visit appointments at times that suit you – from 7am!
  • No more ‘stressed pet to the vet’ episodes
  • No more taking half a day off work to get your pet to the vet
  • No more asking favours of family or friends to drive you to a vet appointment
  • No more juggling baby, cat, dog, 3-year-old and bird in the car…

Service Areas

Brisbane’s Northside between Brisbane City and North Lakes. If you reside outside of Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs, a house call may still be available.

Please call on 0481 527 678 to discuss your requirements.

Contact Details:

0481 527 678

 P.O. Box 1221
Aspley, QLD, 4034

  • Our dog Rosie had very sore and itchy ears – Dr Bron looked at the bugs under her microscope and set a targeted regime to get rid of them quickly – now Rosie is a happy little pooch again – thanks Dr Bron – great service, great price, very convenient and just what we needed!! Will def use again!!

    Frances Williams
  • Thank you so much for being so patient with my scardy cat Shyla this morning. Really appreciate the at home service you provide for kittehs like her, for whom a normal vet visit would otherwise be so incredibly stressful.
    Phillippa Smith
  • 5 star treatment for our fur kids. What a great service for busy people or those who find it difficult to make a trip the to vet. Highly recommend.
    Ryan Harris
  • Our darling Molly is not a fan of a trip to the vet so having the vet come to her … Well her smile says it all!!! Thank you so much.
    Susan Maxwell-Mahon
  • Honest, reliable and lovely caring Vet. 
    Looking forward to your visits.
    Lisa Mitchell