Behaviour issues can be complex problems that involve assessing an animal’s physical, mental and emotional health to determine where the causes and contributing factors may lie that result in a particular behaviour. Much the same way as human emotional and mental health issues need thorough investigation and a management plan, pet behaviour issues do too.


Healthy Pet Behaviour Services consultations are extended appointments aimed at addressing the pet’s underlying reasons for behaving the way they do, working on a long term plan to help them and you with managing the various issues within a positive framework. Behaviours may be related to medical conditions, environmental causes or emotional health issues. Just as humans would seek professional advice to manage mental health and emotional problems, one should similarly seek out qualified and professional veterinary advice for addressing pet mental health and behavioural issues. Dr Bronwen Bollaert is a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Veterinary Behaviour and is one the very few vets that has attained these additional qualifications and maintains ongoing education and training in this field.


Management of conditions includes making a diagnosis, having a treatment plan which will include Environmental Management, Behaviour Modification and Medication, if indicated. As each of us humans are individuals, so are our pets, so we need plans that are tailored to individual pets, owners and household circumstances. 


Prior to the appointment you will be emailed a Behaviour Questionnaire. This provides the basic information that needs to be completed and sent back at least 48 business hours prior to the appointment. For more information have a look at our Healthy Pet Behaviour Services Page. To book an Assessment, please call 0481 527 678 or email us. To book an appointment online please click here.