Looking to celebrate Easter with your sweet pooch or kitty? Stay AWAY from the chocolate, but share some of these yummies – in moderation…

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For Dogs:

  1. Line a kong or other ‘busy” toy with peanut butter
  2. Hide some liver treats on a cardboard box
  3. Mash banana with a little squirt of honey and small spoon of plain yoghurt and freeze in a kong or plastic storage container and serve as a yummy ice lolly
  4. Carob dog treats look like choccie but are not choccie – just a small amount though as some dogs get upset tummies if they chomp too much


For Cats:

  1. Liver treats in a tissue box – keeps them busy and you entertained, while they try to fish the delicious morsels out…
  2. A tinned sardine – this is an occasional treat that provides a good source of Omega 3. DO NOT feed fish exclusively though, since your cat will miss out on essential nutrients that he/she needs to stay healthy. Make sure his/her regular meal is from a well-formulated, well-balanced food.
  3. Catnip – what a treat!


If you’re wanting to find out more about why chocolate is not a good idea for pets, or what to do if your pet has ingested chocolate, have a read of our previous blog post: Who Ate My Chocolate Bunny?


Have a wonderful Easter from Healthy Pet Mobile Vet!


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